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- These conditions are considered to be fully accepted at the time of ordering cancel all previous ones and, like prices, may be subject to change without notice.

- The goods travel on behalf and at the risk of the customer even if sent "free house". Goods damaged and possibly lost during the journey are not replaced or credited in the event that the same is sent without packaging.

- Any defects in the purchased material must be notified by the buyer in a written form within 8 days of arrival at the warehouse of the goods. The selling company may authorize the return of defective materials, (free house) if a manufacturing defect is detected. Any other liability for labor costs, compensation for direct or indirect damages is excluded.

- The prices applied are only those resulting from our order acceptance. Verification, after the order date and until the delivery of the material, changes in the cost of labor, direct and indirect costs and charges connected to it, changes in the prices of raw materials and transport, in the elements all constituting the price and, in general, in the costs at our charge, changes in our price lists and usual discounts, the price will be revised based on the aforementioned variations. If price changes occur before shipment, the price in effect on the day of shipment will be considered.

- Delivery is considered to have been made on the day the goods leave the selling company's plant even if sold carriage free or commissioned. Any indication of the date of shipment is intended for information purposes only and without obligation on the part of the seller. Suspensions of work for any reason, suspensions of transport, lack of raw materials, workshop accidents, strikes, disturbances in work for every cause and, in general, force majeure, free us from any delivery time.

- The payment terms agreed upon at the time of ordering are mandatory. On payments delayed beyond the established terms and shown on the invoice the interest on arrears will be charged, without prejudice to any other action, at a rate of 3% more than the current bank rate.

- No exception to the addition to the present conditions will be considered valid if it is not in writing form. For any controversy the parties elect as exclusive jurisdiction the one of Brescia, with the exclusion of any other, whether alternative, optional, competitor and in any case obtainable.